Tuesday, March 22, 2011

YW Torch and Values...

This quilt was pieced by Janice for our granddaughter, Madison. She was new to the church Young Women program, so we thought a quilt focused on YW values would be appropriate.

The YW torch logo is the centerpiece, surrounded by curved rays representing her influence for good in the world...

The outer area has initials representing the various YW values, such as virtue, knowledge, faith, etc.

I have made several of these. They make terrific gifts for entering (or graduating from) the YW program. If you would like one contact me. We can customize everything; size, fabric, colors, etc...


  1. I'd like to order mmmm 5 more? Is that OK? I'll order as they turn 12. Mkaythanksbye

  2. Hi, how can we order patterns for this work? my wife is interested.

    We live in Mexico.


  3. This is awesome! As a YW president and another insane quilter, I am really impressed!