Monday, March 28, 2011

Dawn Rising...

This wall hanging/table runner (40x69) has a unique history. I first made it as a tablecloth to display my acrylic quilting templates on when I set up a table at the monthly Boise Basin Quilters Guild meeting.

I wanted the long arm quilters in the group to see examples of patterns they could make if they purchased the templates.

Most of the people who stopped by the table were hand quilters and piecers, so I didn't sell  many templates.

But, several people loved the tablecloth, and one even commissioned me to make her a king sized wholecloth quilt in the same style.

Because of its complexity and style I decided to enter it into the June 2010 Boise Basin Quit Show. It was then that we named it Dawn Rising. The three main center motifs graduated from simple to complex, reminding us of the flowers opening to the rising sun.

Even though it did not win a ribbon, it did receive many nice comments. We later gave it as a gift to my sister Carol when she lost her husband Cris to ALS. We felt its message could also be applied to the resurrection, of which he is surely a part. One of the best reasons to make a quilt is to bring comfort and peace to a loved one. We feel comforted in return as we feel her love and appreciation.


  1. I didn't know you had entered it Quilt show. It's beautiful and she loves it.

  2. It IS very beautiful and I will always cherish it. It's a constant reminder of the beauty of the resurrection and the joy with which we may look forward.