Sunday, March 20, 2011

Earth, Sky, Water...

Earth, Sky, Water... a perfect name for this quilt made for our grandson, Skyler (Get it?). A busy twenty something year old, and very hip musician.

This type of piecing is called a convergence quilt. Basically, you pick two contrasting fabrics (one earth, one sky), stack'em face up and cut a few simple curves. Then alternate the top and bottom layer and sew them back together.

Then you stack'em again and cut them in strips, alternate them again, and sew them back together again.

Then you stack the finished piece with a third fabric (the water), cut them in strips the opposite direction, alternate them and sew them back together.

All this stackin' and cuttin' got you tired yet? It's really a lot easier than I'm making it sound. And the good news is there is NO measuring!

The bad news is you never really know what it will look like until it's finished.

The good news is you ALWAYS like it!

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