Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blogging means writing, right?

My plan was to start a blog to share pictures of the quilts I get the honor of quilting. Now that it's up and running (thanks to my daughters Kim & Tiff) I suddenly realize that in order for this to work I need to do a little writing as well. Hadn't really planned on that, but I guess its not an impossible task.

Just don't expect me to use all the current slang and shortcuts. (Really, is LOL "laugh out loud" or is it "lots of luck"?) And you can pretty well rule out any small talk about my day or my feelings. This is a REALMENQUILT blog. I don't have "bad hair" days, and as a man, I bottle up and bury my feelings.

But, if you're interested in seeing some cool quilts... NOW we have something to talk about! So lets get started. Here are a few pictures of a quilt called Chelsea Cottage.

 Janice pieced the quilt including the appliqued center panel. I helped by doing some of the cutting. We laid out all the blocks on the table at Hearthstone (our shared ownership home on the golf course in McCall, Idaho).
The quilting went much quicker than I thought it would. I practiced the McTavishing stipple (the background around the cottage) on my practice quilt, then went for it. Notice the smoke coming out of the chimneys are more circular than the rest?
 The rest of the quilting was all done freehand (feathers, flowers, ripples, etc) although I did use one of my acrylic template curves to draw the spine for the feather border.
I'm going to make an effort to post regularly so as to keep up to date with my quilts. My track record is not that great. I loaded some pictures of the first 30+ quilts on my facebook page, then got busy and let it slide. Chesea Cottage is my 89th and I just finished #92, so I'm behind already.  But I'll try.

Final thought for today- Thanks to all my friends and family for your support. Thanks to the BBQ (Boise Basin Quilters Guild) and the Quilt Whisperers (a local group of dedicated and creative long-armers) for showing me how creative quilting can be and inspiring me with their "show & tell" quilts! Talk to you again soon...


  1. "and, as a man, I bottle up and bury my feelings." <--- best line I've ever read on any blog. Totally LOLing (it means laugh out loud, by the way). You're hilarious and the quilts are amazing. Keep 'em coming!

  2. It's a valentine wish come true!!!! More. Posts. Pronto.

  3. Never had a bad hair day? Really LOLing about that one. The quilts are spectacular and I'll be sharing this blog-site with all my friends. Wish I could watch you in action. Janice's work is, as always, beautiful!!

  4. This is how it starts.....very nice!

    That last paragraph should have gone more like "I'd like to give a big SHOUT OUT to my BFFs at the BBQ and PROPS to my PEEPS at the Quilt Whisperers, YO!

    ....but it's your blog....I guess.... :)

  5. Blogging! Love it! Dad I am really wanting to hear how it felt as you started to express yourself verbally about the deep emotions you feel...I mean, your quilts are pregnant with emotion! :)

    Awesome Work!

  6. Woot, woot! My dad is a blogger! You have always been on the cutting edge of technology. So why not with quilting right? Awesome, keep it coming.

  7. Could I get a new twin?!! I mean, really? What is our generation coming to? I should never have let him in the US Coast Guard. Semper Fi. (BTW - My Ham license is KF7NYV for now. I am trying to get a vanity number so I can remember it.) Uncle Jim